Indiana - Hunter Education

Sec. 1.7. (a) As used in this section, “apprentice hunter” means an individual who hunts under an apprentice hunting license issued under this section. (b) The department may issue an apprentice hunting license to a resident or nonresident in lieu of any hunting license authorized under section 1 of this chapter. (c) The commission shall establish a fee to be paid by an applicant for an apprentice hunting license issued under this section. (d) An apprentice hunter may hunt in Indiana without completing the course of instruction in hunter education offered by the department or the department's agent under IC 14-22-35. (e) An apprentice hunter must: (1) comply with the requirements under this article and the rules adopted by the director; and (2) while hunting be accompanied by an individual who: (A) is at least eighteen (18) years of age; and (B) either holds a valid hunting license issued under this chapter or is not required to have a hunting license under IC 14-22-11. (f) An individual described in subsection (e)(2) who accompanies an apprentice hunter: (1) must be in close enough proximity to monitor the apprentice hunter's activities and communicate with the apprentice hunter at all times; and (2) may not accompany more than two (2) holders of an apprentice hunting license at one (1) time. (g) An individual may not purchase more than three (3) apprentice hunting licenses of any type during the individual's lifetime.

Citation: IC 14-22-12-1.7