Florida - Hunter Education

(1) The state hereby assents to the provisions of the Federal Aid in Fish Restoration Act of August 9, 1950, as amended. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission shall perform such activities as are necessary to conduct wildlife and sportfish restoration projects, as defined in such Act of Congress and in compliance with the act and rules adopted thereunder by the United States Department of the Interior. Furthermore, the commission shall develop and implement programs to manage, protect, restore, and conserve marine mammals and the marine fishery and shall develop and implement similar programs for wild animal life and freshwater aquatic life. (2) Revenues from fees paid by hunters and sport fishers may not be diverted to purposes other than the administration of fish and wildlife programs by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Administration of the state fish and wildlife programs includes only those functions of fish and wildlife management as are the responsibility of and under the authority of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Citation: F.S.A. § 379.2259