Endangered Species - Statement of Policy - Nebraska

The Legislature finds and declares:

(1) That it is the policy of this state to conserve species of wildlife for human enjoyment, for scientific purposes, and to insure their perpetuation as viable components of their ecosystems; 

(2) That species of wildlife and wild plants normally occurring within this state which may be found to be threatened or endangered within this state shall be accorded such protection as is necessary to maintain and enhance their numbers; 

(3) That this state shall assist in the protection of species of wildlife and wild plants which are determined to be threatened or endangered elsewhere pursuant to the Endangered Species Act by prohibiting the taking, possession, transportation, exportation from this state, processing, sale or offer for sale, or shipment within this state of such endangered species and by carefully regulating such activities with regard to such threatened species. Exceptions to such prohibitions, for the purpose of enhancing the conservation of such species, may be permitted as set forth in the Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Act; and

(4) That any funding for the conservation of nongame, threatened, and endangered species shall be made available to the commission from General Fund appropriations, the Wildlife Conservation Fund, or other sources of revenue not deposited in the State Game Fund.

Citation: Neb.Rev.St. § 37-803.

The Legislature hereby declares that nongame, threatened, and endangered species have need of special protection and that it is in the public interest to preserve, protect, perpetuate, and enhance such species of this state through preservation of a satisfactory environment and an ecological balance. The purpose of section 37-811 and section 77-27,119.01 is to provide a means by which such protection may be financed through a voluntary checkoff designation on state income tax return forms. The intent of the Legislature is that the program of income tax checkoff is supplemental to any funding and in no way is intended to take the place of the funding that would otherwise be appropriated for such purpose.

Citation: Neb.Rev.St. § 37-804.