Endangered Species - Funding Provisions - Indiana

Sec. 19. The costs of the programs established under this chapter may not be paid with money dedicated to fish and game purposes. However, transfers may be made from money dedicated for fish and game purposes to the nongame fund established under section 20 of this chapter.; Sec. 20. (a) The nongame fund is established as a dedicated fund. (b) The department shall administer the fund. (c) In recognition of the importance of preserving the natural heritage of Indiana, it is the intent of the general assembly to provide a fund to be used exclusively for the protection, conservation, management, and identification of nongame and endangered species of wildlife primarily through the acquisition of the natural habitat of the animals. The department may expend the money in the fund exclusively for the preservation of nongame and endangered species of wildlife under this chapter. (d) Money in the fund does not revert to the state general fund at the end of a state fiscal year. However, if the fund is abolished, the money in the fund reverts to the state general fund.;

Citation: IC 14-22-34-19; IC 14-22-34-20;