Arizona - Directors and Commissioners

A. The commission shall appoint a director of the Arizona game and fish department, who shall be the chief administrative officer of the game and fish department. The director shall receive compensation as determined pursuant to § 38-611. The director shall be selected on the basis of administrative ability and general knowledge of wildlife management. The director shall act as secretary to the commission, and shall serve at the pleasure of the commission. The director shall not hold any other office, and shall devote the entire time to the duties of office. B. The commission shall prepare an examination for the post of director to comply with the requirements of this title. The examination shall be conducted at the offices of the commission at the capital to establish an active list of eligible applicants. The director shall be selected from those scoring satisfactory grades and having other qualities deemed advisable by the commission. The commission may call for additional examinations from time to time for selection of a new list of eligible applicants to fill a vacancy.

Citation: Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 17-211