Partners in Flight/Shorebird/Waterbird Working Group

Committee Charge

The Partners in Flight/Shorebird/Waterbird Working Group serves as a forum for discussion of bird conservation initiative-related issues among representatives of State, Territorial, and Provincial fish and wildlife agencies and other partner organizations. In particular, this Working Group focuses on four primary areas:

1. Integrate outcomes of landbird, shorebird, and waterbird initiatives (Bird Conservation Plan Partnerships);
2. Identify significant threats to landbird, shorebird, and waterbird populations;
3. Evaluate alternative strategies for bird conservation action and make recommendations to AFWA leadership;
4. Align priorities and actions of the national Bird Conservation Plan Partnerships with implementation of State Wildlife Action Plans.

Work Group Contact Information

Work Group Chair
Dr. Sara Schweitzer, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Work Group Vice-Chair
Eric Gardner, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

AFWA Staff Contact
Dr. Judith Scarl