Project WILD Seeking Help with Promotional Video

November 10, 2020

Here’s a great opportunity for educators, schools, and after-school/ out-of-school programs, and educational programs at parks and public lands.

The national office for Project WILD, at the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies (AFWA), just received funding to produce one or more short videos about the benefits of outdoor learning and how Project WILD helps make that happen.  Over the next six weeks, and in various locations, we will work with formal and nonformal educators to help us film kids in action who are participating in Project WILD activities.

AFWA will work with participating teachers, school administrators, and local nonformal educators (WILD Facilitators) to plan for high-quality learning experiences for students that involve use of Project WILD activities.  With the help of local educators (formal and nonformal) The learning with Project WILD activities will happen in the time leading up to filming, as well as during the filming when a film crew will be present.

A goal of this project is to show (through video footage) Project WILD’s role in helping educators implement safe learning and recreational experiences.  Other key messages will include the value of using Project WILD for taking learning outdoors and the benefits to students with outdoor learning.  Videographers will capture clips of students in action as well as educators providing testimonials.

Funding for this project can be applied by AFWA in several ways, including for the services of educators who provide instructional support, for video production companies, for providing outdoor learning and recreation equipment for schools or park facilities, and for logistical needs (transportation, catering, etc.).

With a short window of time for this project, and if all goes as planned, we hope to arrange for filming to occur on days between December 14-18. For each location at which video is captured, filming would occur on one of these five days (with alternative days scheduled in the event of bad weather).

We would like this message to reach many WILD educators, facilitators and coordinators in the next few days, so please forward!

If you might be interested in participating, please complete this brief SURVEY by Friday, November 13th.

Thank you for your assistance,

Project WILD