WILD About Elk: Educator Guide


WILD About Elk is written for educators and focuses on the biology and ecology of elk. A primary message of the guide is the importance of habitat to the survival of elk. Activities found in the back of the guide will assist in educating students about elk and their habitat. 


Table of Contents:


1. Elk in History

2. What Is an Elk?

3. Where Are the Elk?

4. Elk through the Seasons

5. How Are Elk Faring?

6. Enjoying Elk

7. The Future of Elk

Elk Activities

Elk Classifieds

How Many Elk Can LIve in This Forest?

Measuring Antlers

Migration Headache

Aerial Survey

Do We Want Wapiti Here?



Wapiti Words--A Glossary

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Paperback, 80 pages.