PARC Receives Forest Service-Bureau of Land Management
Conservation Leadership Partner Award

March 16, 2017

The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies is proud to share the news that Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC) was selected as the recipient for the Forest Service-Bureau of Land Management Conservation Leadership Partner Award on March 8, 2017. This award is presented annually to an organization that demonstrates outstanding leadership and sustained dedication to conservation. It was presented at the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference in Spokane, Washington. 
Nominee accomplishments must include development and implementation of conservation programs and activities that have directly benefited fish, wildlife, or native plants that depend on public lands. They must also work collaboratively to build partnerships that promote sound land management practices. PARC’s efforts have led to numerous on-the-ground conservation efforts at local and regional scales. They have also produced regional habitat management guidelines books, and held trainings in habitat management, wetland restoration, and inventory and monitoring techniques. These are just a few of PARC’s offerings. 
The Association provides national coordination for PARC, with our Amphibian and Reptile Subcommittee serving as its state advisory group. In addition, there is a Federal Agencies Steering Committee (FASC) with representation from 11 federal agencies. The partnership also includes local governments, zoos and museums, non-governmental organizations, academia, industry, private consultants, and anyone with a passion for amphibian and reptile conservation. Together, the partners work to advance the mission of PARC and to foster amphibian and reptile conservation within their respective agencies and institutions. 
Past recipients of the Forest Service-Bureau of Land Management Conservation Leadership Partner Award include organizations such as Trout Unlimited, the Nature Conservancy, Bat Conservation International, and National Wild Turkey Federation. The Association is pleased to see PARC honored among these widely-recognized and lauded leaders in conservation.

PARC's mission: Forging proactive partnerships to conserve amphibians, reptiles, and the places they live. To learn more about PARC, contact Priya Nanjappa (