State Wildlife Grants Fly-in 2018

The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies, The National Wildlife Federation and The Wildlife Society will be hosting a Fly-in to support State and Tribal Grants on April 11 in Washington DC. This Fly-in will be similar to the Fly-in we did last year. There will not be onsite message training or a congressional reception but we will have an informal gathering at the National Wildlife Federation's DC office on the evening of April 11. We will do a message training conference call in March.

When: 12:00 PM WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11
What: State and Tribal Wildlife Grants Fly-in
Why: To inform members of Congress of the importance of the State and Tribal Wildlife Grant in conserving our nation’s fish and wildlife.
Where: Washington, DC
Details: Participants will travel to Washington DC to meet with members and/or staff from the US House of Representatives and US Senate from their respective states. Packets with information about State and Tribal Wildlife Grants will be provided and a messaging conference call will be held in March. We anticipate that two Dear Colleague letters supporting the program will be circulated again this year by our champions.

More details will be shared as they become available.
Contact Mark Humpert with any questions at