About the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Trust Funds

You can enjoy more hunting, fishing, boating and wildlife-related recreational opportunities than ever before thanks to 75 years of the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration (WSFR) and Boating Safety Trust Funds.

These programs have made the difference between the survival and abundance of some species, and many fish and wildlife populations are at historically high levels today. WSFR also helps increase the number of days and places where you can go afield or on the water to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities.  

> Learn about the WSFR Cycle of Success and how hunters, recreational shooters, anglers and boaters help pay for conservation and safety education 

> Find out why September 2, 1937 is one of the most important dates in American history 

> Check out a brochure of the items that are taxed to support wildlife and sport fish restoration in the U.S. 

> View a state-by-state breakdown of the FY2014 Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration apportionments



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Find a state-by state breakdown of Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Apportionments

WIldlife Restoration

2014 Apportionment

2011 Apportionment

1939-2010 Apportionments

Sport Fish Restoration
2014 Apportionment(Dingell-Johnson)

2014 Apportionment

2011 Apportionment

1952-2010 Apportionments

Source: USFWS

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