"Keep the Trust" and Support the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Safety Trust Funds

The nation's hunters, sport shooters, anglers and boaters are foremost funders of state fish and wildlife agencies.

If you’ve ever purchased firearms and ammunition, archery bows and arrows, fishing lures, rods and reels or fueled up your motorboat… you’ve contributed to the most successful partnership to conserve fish and wildlife resources, open recreational access and provide safety education in America—the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs (WSFR) and Boating Safety Trust Funds.

The financial support from America’s hunting, shooting sports, fishing and boating community through their purchases of taxable gear and hunting and fishing licenses is the lifeblood for funding fish and wildlife conservation, comprising approximately 80% of a state fish and wildlife agency’s annual budget.

However, if and when those Trust Funds contributions are “sequestered” or withheld from your state’s fish and wildlife agency and from their intended purposes, it can seriously impact the resources and quality recreation that you’ve helped pay to protect and care about deeply. 


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