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  • Wildlife Management Authority: The State Agencies' Perspective      [Aug 29, 2014]
    This document is the findings report from the President's Task Force on State Authorities. The report provides 10 recommendations to strengthen the relationship between state and federal conservation agencies.
    Download: AFWATaskForce_State Authorities_v3-5-14.pdf
  • Field Investigations: Using Outdoor Environments to Foster Student Learning of Scientific Processes      [Mar 28, 2012]
    A guide for helping students become systems thinkers, learn the skills of scientific inquiry and understand that science doesn't only happen in a laboratory or classroom. Outdoor experiences in natural settings increase students' problem solving abilities and motivation to learn in social studies, science, language arts and math. A product of the North American Conservation Education Strategy and the Pacific Education Institute
    Download: ConEd-Field-Investigations-Guide.pdf
  • AFWA Annual Report 2011      [Mar 30, 2012]
    Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the WIldlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program and highlighting AFWA's accomplishments in 2011
    Download: AFWA-2011AnnualReport.pdf
  • Best Practices for State Wildlife Action Plans (SWAPs): Voluntary Guidance to States for Revision and Implementation      [Feb 06, 2013]
    This document was released to help state and territorial fish and wildlife agencies enhance their SWAPs. Implementing best practices can also improve collaboration with partners and other states by leading to greater consistency across SWAPs
    Download: SWAP Best Practices-110212-for website.pdf
  • Assessment of the bioenergy provisions in the 2008 Farm Bill      [Feb 06, 2013]
    The report indicates that this could be done with reliance on advances in plant breeding, genetic modification, and production technology along with crop residues from agricultural production (corn stover)and dedicated energy crops like short‐rotation willow, eucalyptus, giant miscanthus, hybrid switchgrass, and others with biomass potentials of 17.1 to 24.3 dry tons/acre/year.
    Download: 08_22_12_bioenergy_report_web_final.pdf
  • Assessing the economic benefit of the Voluntary Public Access and Habitat Incentive Program (VPA-HIP): 2011      [Feb 06, 2013]
    Details the benefits and highlights of VPA-HIP
    Download: VPA_economic_report2012.pdf
  • Southern Wings 10-year Vision      [Feb 06, 2013]
    Southern Wings seeks to work with our conservation colleagues in these regions and support their efforts to benefit the conservation of migratory birds linked to the individual states.
    Download: SouthernWingsVision2012.pdf
  • Taking Flight 2009-1012      [Feb 06, 2013]
    Success Stories of Southern Wings. Created in 2009, the Southern Wings Program provides a mechanism to facilitate partnerships between state fish and wildlife agencies and partners in Mexico, Central, South America and the Caribbean towards the goal of improving conservation for neotropical migratory bird species throughout their full annual cycle.
    Download: SouthernWingsSuccessStory.pdf
  • Best Management Practices for Trapping Canada Lynx in the United States      [Feb 06, 2013]
    Download: Lynx_BMP.pdf
  • National Fish Habitat Action Plan 2nd Edition      [Feb 06, 2013]
    Download: NFHP_AP_Final.pdf
  • National Fish Habitat Partnership 2012 Update      [Feb 06, 2013]
    Progress made during 5 years of NFHP
    Download: NFHP_2012_update.pdf
  • 2011-2016 Action Plan for State Contributions to Canadian NAWMP/NAWCA Projects      [Feb 06, 2013]
    Download: CanadianActionPlan-StateContributions.pdf
  • Implementing the North American Conservation Education Strategy      [Feb 06, 2013]
    State agency success stories
    Download: AFWA_SuccessStories_2012.pdf
  • AFWA Annual Report 2012      [Apr 19, 2013]
    Onward, upward, forward. The views and voices of fish and wildlife agencies in 2012.
    Download: AFWA2012AnnualReport.pdf
  • How to Avoid Incidental Capture of Wolverine during Regulated Trapping Activities      [Jun 12, 2013]
    A 17-page pamphlet on "How to Avoid Incidental Capture of Wolverine during Regulated Trapping Activities" is now available from the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies (AFWA). The purpose of the publication is to help minimize injury and mortality to the wolverine population in the contiguous United States, which may occur incidentally as a result of regulated trapping activities. As the title implies, the document offers guidelines on how to avoid the capture of wolverine in traps set for other species and provides trappers with information on what to do if they do capture one.
    Download: WolverineAvoidance_June2013.pdf
  • 2013 State Contributions to Canadian NAWMP/NAWCA Projects      [Feb 18, 2014]
    State contributions to Canadian NAWMP/NAWCA projects reached a new, all-time high in 2013 with a collective contribution from 36 states of approximately $3.4 million.
    Download: State-Contribution-CanadaReport2013.pdf
  • AFWA 2013 Annual Report      [Apr 22, 2014]
    Discover "Why AFWA, Why Now"
    Download: AFWA-Annual-Report-2013.pdf
  • Resource Guide to NGO Climate Adaptation Programs      [Apr 11, 2014]
    This guide provides helpful links to climate adaptation resources developed by natural resource conservation non-governmental organizations and universities. The guide is organized in a generalized framework for stepping through a planning process.
    Download: ResourceGuide_NGO-Climate-Adaptation-Resources.pdf
  • State and Tribal Wildlife Grants Program: 10 Years of Success      [Oct 13, 2011]
    A report featuring examples from all 50 states and U.S. territories demonstrating the success of the State and Tribal Wildlife Grants Program over the last 10 years in preventing endangered species listings.
    Download: StateWildlifeGrants_10YearSuccess-Report.pdf
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of State Wildlife Grants Report      [Oct 13, 2011]
    A framework and recommended actions for tracking and reporting the effectiveness of conservation actions
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