National Cooperative Dove Hunter Survey

The Cooperative National Dove Hunter Survey is the first report of its kind to gather national-level information on dove hunter behaviors and attitudes in order to help sustain dove hunting for the long-term.

More than 12,000 dove hunters across the country participated in this survey, answering questions about their time spent hunting, perceived constraints to hunting and their opinions about potential effects of spent lead from hunting ammunition on mourning doves and other wildlife. 

The survey data will help state and federal wildlife and natural resource managers make informed decisions concerning the regulation process, education programs and species management to ultimately improve the conservation of the nation's migratory bird resources in the future. 

The survey was produced jointly by AFWA, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the National Flyway Council. 

> Cooperative National Dove Hunter Survey Report

> National Dove Hunter Survey FAQs

> National Dove Hunter Survey Press Release


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