AFWA's Bird Conservation Committee is responsible for keeping the Association informed of developments affecting bird conservation.
  • Promote policies necessary to ensure the long-term conservation of bird populations and their habitats, sustainable hunting and the public’s ability to enjoy birds.
  • Maintain coordination with federal agency and NGO partners and partners throughout the western hemisphere.

  • Work closely with the flyway councils and the North American Bird Conservation Initiative.


2016 AFWA Annual Meeting
Bird Conservation Committee Part I- Notes
Bird Conservation Committee Part II- Notes
Partners in Flight/Shorebird/Waterbird Working Group- Notes
Migratory Shore and Upland Game Bird Working Group- Notes

2015 North American
Bird Conservation Part 1
Bird Conservation Part 2
Migratory Shore and Upland Game Bird Working Group
Partners in Flight/Shorebird/Waterbird Working Group
Waterfowl Working Group

2014 Annual Meeting
Bird Conservation I
Bird Conservation II
Waterfowl Working Group



AFWA Staff Contact:
Dr. Judith Scarl

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