December 16, 2016

Statement from the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies Supporting President-Elect Trump's Selection for Secretary of the Interior

The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies commends President-Elect Trump’s nomination of Congressman Ryan Zinke (R-Montana) to be the next Secretary of the Interior. 
“We thank Rep. Zinke for his public service as a Member of Congress since 2014 and his distinguished career as a U. S. Navy SEAL,” said Executive Director Ron Regan.  “We look forward to working together to strengthen state-federal relationships across all agencies in the Department of the Interior for the benefit of our fish and wildlife resources, our citizens, and future generations of Americans,” added President Nick Wiley.    Rep. Zinke has been an active member of the House Natural Resources Committee and he is an avid hunter and fisherman.  As a sportsman, Rep. Zinke appreciates the vast beauty and diversity of fish and wildlife resources, and their habitats, across this great Nation and he understands the need for science-based management of those resources.
“We trust Rep. Zinke will reach out to state fish and wildlife agencies as true partners in managing fish and wildlife on the American landscape,” stated Glenn Normandeau, Chair of the Association’s Executive Committee. Association Vice-President Virgil Moore went on to add,  “We feel good about the future of public lands management and sportsmen’s access under President-Elect Trump’s pick for Secretary of the Interior; and, as a lifelong outdoorsman, Rep. Zinke understands the value and importance of our nation’s outdoor recreational economy.”
As Secretary of the Interior, Rep. Zinke will lead 70,000 Interior Department employees. The Interior Department oversees management of well over half of the federal estate, along with programs relating to American Indian and territorial affairs.

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